For the woman who's ready for

TIMELESS | your true self beyond time


In this masterclass we move through all aspects of your human and timeless self while integrating your hearts deepest levels of remembrance


There's a you beyond time

She lives life through a deep state of knowingness. Beyond thought. Beyond fear. Beyond ego structures.


She is AN Infinite portal

She knows herself. She moves with yourself. Walks. Trusts. Leads. Alongside herself and others. Here to break free from the inside out. Into her TIMELESS light codes.


her light is timeless

Her brilliance is sacred. Her magnificence unmatched.


Once you register for the masterclass, you receive a welcome email from me with all the details inside. This masterclass includes 2 days of recording replays and a Q&A thread [FB group, life-time access]


It is time to bring yourself back online. Your limitless self. Beyond your splintered soul fragments. The self that resides outside of time and space yet she's the one that leads the way. She's the one who holds all clarity. She's the one you're seeking most!


She's a Starseed. She is YOU! Born to bring forth the truest states of love, integrity and light. It is time. To move past the many layers of illusion and internalized sequences that have been letting you feel trapped. It is time to fully experience your wholeness within. No more holding back from rising into the wisdom of your timeless heart. 


She's here NOW. Waiting for you to invite her in…


TIMELESS | the masterclass is for you, if you've been longing for this level of self-remembrance.

Any Questions? Send me a DM.


Nadine Sabathiel is the Founder & Owner of the uniwanderer brand. She is known for being a dimensional Vortex of Consciousness.


She's a sacred essence who was born with a range of extrasensory abilities. Today she serves the leading women who have chosen to deeply integrate and embody their full spectrum of light - ready to experience the meld of your higher levels into their 3D expression.


This presents the core of her work. Nadine's collimation to her essence presence and heart leadership in all that she does is an absolute testament of LOVE. 


Her quantum transmissions and beingness allows you to accelerate into your deepest and most divine remembrance of yourself.


She stands for embodied synchronicity of metaphysical within the physical aspects of oneself. She wanders this plane as a true expression of divine sovereignty and love. Her journey is all about the heart. The very mastery of one's presence. With & within oneself.